Graduate Life and Kindergarten

Graduate Life and Kindergarten

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Tribute

My Father

He was my first teacher, best friend, moral guide, philosopher and above all, a loving man.

He dint teach me what I should become in life, he showed it by example.
He once told me, 'there are too many rules in the world, so do not get confused. Define your own but stick to it'
He radiated confidence in his decision, comfort in his voice, authority in his deeds and lots of love in his every action.

He used to wait in the scorching sun outside while I gave my exams and interviews in an AC room.
His heart skipped a beat everytime I slipped in my life. The pain I suffered was nothing compared to the pain in his heart.
He consoled and encouraged me whenever I failed. But he cried later in the night when no one saw.

He commanded respect from everyone. But not by arrogance but by the power of his love.
He was there for anyone who had a problem. Not just to support but to lift them out of it.
He made anyone forget their sorrows by his engrossing talk. He made everyone feel comfortable and happy.

But as a son, I failed. I was not able to relieve his pain in the knee. I was not able to lighten his heart. I was not able to reduce his burden. I was not able to fulfill his desires.

He lives inside me. But this is not over. Not in this lifetime. I need one more. Where I become his father. Till then, there is no rest for my soul.

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